21 SEP 2021

Dermal Filler Packages London


What are dermal fillers? These are products made from hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance that is naturally found in our body.

Dermal filler is the perfect option to improve the side profile and to give volume into many areas of the face.

We use only premium hyaluronic acid fillers in our practice to make sure the procedure is safe and entirely reversible in case there is something that you don’t like about it, so if necessary, we can fully reverse the procedure in less than 24 hours after a small injection.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is present in our body.

Some types of filler have a small amount of lidocaine as well, as it will help to numb the area after the first injection and make the procedure even more comfortable. Still, in case of any allergy to that substance, fillers without any lidocaine are also available.

The procedure is safe as it’s minimally invasive, requires no general anaesthetic, time off work, or drug prescriptions after having it done.

It takes a highly trained practitioner to carry out the treatment, and at Dermamina we are known for our in-depth consultation, bespoken technique, and quality of the products used (only premium long-lasting fillers).

The process is straightforward. You will have a consultation with a fully qualified practitioner, where you’ll go through the “pros and cons” of everything you wish to achieve.

After a thorough consultation to understand your goals and the style that may suit your facial features, an injection plan will be created to ensure the best results are obtained.

We offer Filler Packages to make the result even more significant and the treatment more cost-effective.

The areas that we cover include

Lips Nose Cheeks Tear trough Jawline Chin Smile lines

High-density filler can be injected in those areas to create a more sharp and defined appearance, providing the volume that was missing and creating a more harmonious appearance.

With the application of some numbing cream in those areas, the injection is virtually pain-free, and it has none to minimal downtime; With just a few syringes of filler, it’s possible to make a very nice difference in the whole facial structure.

A very popular treatment is the combination of nose filler and chin filler, as they make the profile more balanced and harmonious.

Many people report being unhappy or frustrated by the way their side profile or their face looks like, and It’s possible to get your ideal profile in 30 minutes thanks to the many years of experience of our practitioner at Dermamina.

A weak chin and an irregular nose may affect a person’s confidence, but there is no need for invasive surgery nowadays, as injecting dermal filler in those areas has minimal downtime, minimal discomfort, and quick results.

With non-surgical rhinoplasty, dermal filler is injected into the nose to reshape it, making it straighter, as well as lift the tip (the treatment is known as “Tinkerbell tip lift”).

It’s possible to achieve a more symmetrical profile, creating a result that fits your facial proportions to give a more feminine or masculine appearance.

What about the missing projection in the lower third of the face? An injection of dermal filler in the chin will help balance the profile, making the nose appear smaller overall and making the profile more harmonised, enhancing the natural structure instead of changing it altogether.

The chin filler works well as an anti-age treatment as well as it helps to tighten the skin by extending the jawline, giving the submental area a more defined look, and removing the appearance of a double chin and the pre-jowl.

This combination of just 2 treatments It’s an effective way to guarantee a natural yet enhanced result, and improving the nose and bringing the chin forward helps the nose to sit in a better way in terms of proportions when seen both frontally and on the side.

The results are subtle but noticeable, as they guarantee quite the difference with a process that is quick and easy for the patient, without a lengthy downtime, bruising, or requiring a significant amount of money.

Depending on your concerns and our expert’s consultation, it’s possible to achieve a more symmetrical profile, creating a result that fits your facial proportions. Results are immediate. One of the best things about this procedure is that it’s instant, has minimal downtime, and it’s reversible. Unlike plastic surgery, if you’re not happy with the results, a dissolving agent can be applied to remove the enhancements without any lengthy procedure or downtime required.

Another very common add-on to the profile package is having the tear through and the cheeks treated.

Sometimes referred to as the “undereye bags” procedure, the tear trough filler is the perfect treatment to achieve a refreshed and flawless look without having to use concealer, foundation, or face make-up, as it smoothens the undereye area.

With the tear trough correction, a more rested appearance is achieved easily in a matter of minutes.

The cheeks are also essential to give a nice architecture to the face, as they create a youthful and slim appearance, and a tailored procedure is crucial to create either a more angular look or a plumped one, depending on the wanted result.

Some people may worry about the pain during the injections, but while the procedure is not totally pain-free, it’s made much more comfortable compared to a surgical procedure. No black eyes, painkillers, heavy swelling for weeks, nose splint or bandages are involved. A numbing cream is applied on the skin, and often the dermal filler contains a local anaesthetic too.

Many people report a mild “pinching sensation” and a sensation of pressure while the filler gets injected in the area but is considered easily tolerable.

After having dermal fillers injected, it is essential not to touch or rub the areas treated to avoid make-up for the day and to keep the area clean and dry. From the day after, everything can carry on as per usual. No swelling, no bruising, and no redness make this combo the treatment of choice to improve the proportions of the face.

The results last between 12 and 18 months, and they can last longer with top-up appointments done regularly. The right choice of dermal filler can create a natural contour that can rejuvenate the midface and recreate a contour through the injection of a thick hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

The recovery is also quite straightforward: Hyaluronic acid is a substance that draws water into it, so it harmonises with the body very quickly. There is no true recovery time, unlike conventional surgeries.


Minor bruising around an injection site and some redness can be a side effect of the procedure, but most of what you could incur will disappear in no time.

Once your treatments have been carried out (which can take anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes), you’re free to go!

Dermal fillers aren’t permanent, but treatments can last anywhere from 6 months to more than 18 months.

It varies greatly from person to person and on how well the patient adheres to the aftercare. Over time, your body gradually breaks the filler down and turns it into other naturally occurring substances in the body.

Top-up treatments can help to lengthen the amount of time you have your desired look. This doesn’t often need more than a couple of times before the desired effect is much more long-lasting.

What about the costs? On our website, you will find clear prices for any packages and individual treatments; overall, packages are more convenient as we carry the procedure in one session.

Dermal fillers vary in terms of their price depending on the area they’re to be injected in and the nature of that area’s associated risks, which vary from place to place.

Normally, each procedure has with it an associated price but what we’re offering is unique packages that are priced on how much filler is to be used, meaning you can opt for as much or as little as you want (as long as it can be done in one session).

For example, it may cost from £860 to balance your facial profile, which is a lot less than invasive surgical options that can start at ten times that price.

Not everyone can have these types of treatments, and that largely depends on your own personal medical history and whether you’ve previously had any other surgery done to the areas being treated.

During your consultation, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and what we need to know from you about the procedure. If you’re considering dermal filler injections, the next step is to get in touch with us for a consultation. We will be happy to help you answer all the questions and advise you on the next steps to take.