21 SEP 2021

HydraFacial Treatment London


When we think about having nice skin, we think about hydration, moisture, and freshness.

Today we're going to talk about one of the best treatments to give your skin that lovely feeling and appearance, as well as being able to reduce fine lines: the HydraFacial.

It's a treatment with proven efficacy that offers the 4-in-1 vortex technology system, one of the most advanced technologies currently available for its purpose; it uses vortex energy, exfoliation, extraction, and fusion, all in one session.

It's a really simple treatment that is effective for all skin types, and it addresses several skin concerns due to the way it combines multiple procedures in one. The procedure delivers instant, lasting results with no downtime or discomfort and provides non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporary pore-opening to cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities from the pores without causing any damage to the skin while simultaneously deliver specific types of serum to the skin.

To put it simply: Hydrafacial is a treatment that deeply cleanses the skin and then immediately replenishes what's needed to get a hydrated and glowy look. It usually gets offered to people after invasive procedures that might make the skin sensitive, such as laser treatment or a chemical peel; it's usually performed two weeks later because it does provide the skin with all the essential serums needed to look soft, glowy, and fresh.

HydraFacial is also the perfect way to enhance the work done at home; it's non-invasive and non-surgical, and it gets customised based on your skin condition and needs, using specific serums and LED lights.

After laser or a chemical peel, it's common to be red or peel afterwards, and a Hydra facial is like microdermabrasion, but we use lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and then we use hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate the skin afterwards, all done it at once with one advanced machine with different tips.

The acids used during this treatment exfoliates the skin in a very gentle way, so it's firstly attacking the dead skin cells. Then we manually remove them with the vacuum technology. The HydraFacial is not the usual facial that is performed in a regular beauty salon or SPA, as it has the benefits of 3 treatments at the same time, and due to the complexity of it, it must be performed by a fully trained professional.

It's a very comfortable and relaxing procedure divided into four steps.

The first step in the HydraFacial gently cleanses the skin and effectively exfoliate the stratum corneum layer, removing both dead skin cells and sebum; this allows the skin to appear brighter and healthier.

The second step uses a mix of salicylic and glycolic acids to loosen deep pore debris; it's a great mix to prevent pustules in acne.

The third step uses the advanced vacuum technology to remove impurities and blackheads.

The fourth step in the HydraFacial treatment delivers an antioxidant formula to the skin, including hyaluronic acid and peptides. This final step is crucial for its rejuvenating and restorative properties.

Using the most advanced technology, the HydraFacial cares for the skin in the most effective yet gentle way.

We initially use a lactic cleanse, then secondly the glycolic acid. After waiting a little bit for it to settle and work, we use the salicylic acid with a higher vacuum setting, so it will deeply clean the pores.

In rare cases, we proceed with a minimal manual extraction, but due to how strong is the vacuum, it's usually not needed.

Finally, we proceed with hyaluronic acid and peptides to moisturise, we let it sit on the skin to help the absorption of nutrients, and the result would be a nice glow.

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial?

This procedure is crucial after exfoliating the skin or having a drying effect, like in the case of chemical peeling or similar treatments.

It's recommended to have it done once a month, or at least once every season.

HydraFacial helps reducing fine lines, and it's suitable for those who are not willing to simply have extractions done to the face as they're too painful or difficult while having a facial.

It's a more of a gentle version of a classic facial, as there is minimal redness after it, and there is no downtime. It's possible to wear make-up on after and go on with your day.

Results are instant, and you will appreciate them right after having the procedure done; there is no waiting time as your skin will glow immediately!

The HydraFacial procedure

Before we start steaming, we will manually clean the face to remove any make-up or debris.

It's essential to keep your eyes closed during the treatment to avoid any accidental burning caused by the serums.

Depending on what's needed, we will select the most appropriate tip on the handpiece.

The orange tip is reserved for a more aggressive treatment, whereas the blue one is suitable for a more delicate exfoliation and it's commonly more used. We will start with the neck and then proceed to the face for the first pass.

After the second pass, we will change the tip of the handpiece and proceed with the exfoliation process.

You will have a choice between a 7.5 glycolic with a 2% salicylic acid or a 15% with a 1.5 salicylic, and it will depend on your daily skincare, if you use any retinol or chemical peelings regularly as the skin may be more sensitive than usual; we will be happy to advise the best choice for your needs.

After letting the glycolic set for about thirty seconds, we will remove it, and then we will apply the salicylic acid, which is the beta hydroxy.

The salicylic acid is usually only used on the t-zone and the chin, depending on how congested the skin is. It's perfect for treating clogged pores as it will vacuum the pores even more effectively.

After placing the clear tip on the handpiece, and we will hydrate the skin as, after the first couple of phases, it's going to be naturally a bit dry. This phase will put everything back into the skin that we took out moisturise.

We finally use the red LED lights to help with any redness to help it to calm it down, it's going to help penetrate the hyaluronic acid in the skin, and it's also very relaxing. The red light it's anti-ageing, and it's going to help with any redness in the skin; it's also going to penetrate the products that we put on deeper; we would use the blue light if there were any acne breakouts as it kills the bacteria underneath the skin.

At the end of the treatment, we will apply a specific moisturiser and some sunscreen. This treatment is perfect for achieving a dewy look. It only takes from 30 minutes to about an hour to perform; it depends if you're adding extra steps; it's recommended against fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone, breakouts and acne.

The treatment can be performed every 2 to 3 weeks if you're getting ready for an important event, but in general, it can be done every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain the results. The entire process is very therapeutic and calming, and the impact of stress reduction not only on your overall health, but the health of your skin is evident; when we are stressed out, the cortisol levels are high, and that impacts the sleep quality at night, and the skin.

The treatment is very relaxing and can be used as a part of a self-care routine to make sure your skin stays clean and hydrated throughout the year; it's in fact recommended to repeat it over time to keep the results, especially if you have a type of skin that tends to be congested or if you easily suffer from breakouts and blackheads; HydraFacial can be done in any time of the year.

The results are immediate, as the procedure takes away all the congestion of the skin, which will feel much more smooth and plump; the skin will look tighter and instantly hydrated.

What to avoid after the treatment

After HydraFacial is recommended to avoid retinol for 24 hours, as it could make the skin more sensitive, but it's possible to wear make-up normally.

Why choosing Dermamina

We love to look after our clients even after the procedures, and we are grateful for the hundreds of positive feedback that we received from our patients. HydraFacial is a very promising treatment, and if you want to know more about it and figure out how you could benefit from the procedure, feel free to contact us and leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.