Lip Enhancement


A lip enhancement is now quicker and easier than ever. Boost your confidence with fuller lips and greater definition. Read on to find the answers to your most common FAQs. What Is A Lip Filler A lip filler is a soft, injectable material that sits underneath the skin. The gel in the filler supports and shapes the tissues of the lips. Lip enhancement creates volume and defines the shape of your mouth.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid? Hylauronic acid is a gel-like water molecule that the body produces naturally. For instance, it is in high concentrations around the eyes and joints. It will gradually dissolve into the body.

What Is The Price Of Lip Fillers In the UK? UK lip fillers price can vary. The price depends on location, reputation and the type of procedure. For example, city centre clinics may charge more than an outlying practice. Lip filler prices vary from £150 to £300. The average cost is around £200. It is important to remember that this is the cost per session. You may need several future appointments to maintain your lip plumpness and definition.

Is a Lip Enhancement Temporary? The majority of lip enhancements are temporary. For example, hyaluronic acid lasts approximately 4-8 months which is why it is steadily replacing collagen as the most popular injectable. Collagen only lasts around 3-6 months.

There are several types of lip filler that last up to 2 years, however they are rare in professional clinics. This is because the long term risks are unknown as well as the risk of infection being higher.

As your lip enhancement is temporary, you may need to book future appointments to maintain your lip volume and definition.

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Enhancement? Boost your confidence Be your best self: fuller lips are traditionally a sign of beauty and vitality They can balance your face or correct uneven lips Treatment time is quick and recovery time is low Lip fillers can suit your individual lip shape and needs What Are The Average Lip Enhancement Prices? Fillers are usually cost per syringe. The cost will depend on how much material you would like to achieve the lips you want.

The cost of lip augmentation varies depending on the:

Type of lip enhancement (such as amount and material used) Your clinician’s experience Your location – city centre clinics are likely to charge higher Pricing can be anywhere between £150-400.

Your clinician will discuss future appointments with you in order to maintain your lip’s volume and definition.

Are Lip Enhancements UK Painful? Many people report feeling little to no pain. There may be discomfort as the needle enters the skin or tenderness around the site afterwards. Individual pain threshold does vary but you should never find yourself in moderate pain. On the rare occasion you do, you must contact your clinician or GP immediately.

Common Side Effects Slight swelling Redness around the injection site Itching Light bruising If you have had coldsores in the past, these can reactivate after the treatment We recommend that you avoid caffeine on the day of the procedure to minimise the risk of swelling. Lipstick and lipcare products should not be word immediately after the treatment in order to minimise risk of infection.

Rare Side Effects Though lip enhancement UK is often known as a ‘lunchtime procedure’ there is still a small chance of infection or allergic reaction The filler moving away from the intended treatment area over time Lumps may form under the skin – this may need to be treated with surgery or medication The filler could block a blood vessel – this can lead to tissue death, permanent blindness or a pulmonary embolism When a professional clinician carries out your lip enhancement, serious side effects are rare. Everyone deserves to receive high-quality cosmetic services. Make sure that the clinic you choose is reputable and highly qualified with a medical background.

Where can I Find Lip Enhancement In London? Dermamina specialise in non-surgical lip enhancement. Mina is a highly-qualified clinician with a medical background. Dermamina pride themselves on top quality service and expertise to help you feel your best. We have 2 central London locations around London, find out more here.

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