05 OCT 2020

Profile balancing - How the shape of the nose, lips and chin can affect the overall profile of the face

non surgical rhinoplasty

The views on facial attractiveness and youthfulness differ from one individual to another, beside the cultural difference around this topic. With that said, many individuals come for a single or a combination of treatments to achieve facial rejuvenation, which involves procedures and treatments aiming to maintain or restore facial youthfulness. This is where profile balancing comes in, a combination of treatments tailored to the patient’s suitability and requirements, to balance the features of their front and side profile. Profile balancing constitutes the foundation of an attractive face, and many people are not happy with minor imbalances between different features of their face, especially the nose, lips and chin. While surgical options are there, patients have a less invasive and inexpensive option with non-surgical profile balancing with dermal fillers.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, commonly known as non-surgical nose job, is one of the most desired and is fast becoming a popular cosmetic treatment across all ages, ethnicities and genders. The nose being the centre feature of the face is an important element that can impact the frontal and the side profile of the face. Profile balancing is achieved by harmonising the nose, lips and the chin collectively, as the ratios between these three features have a great impact on the side profile and overall structure of the face. Generally, individuals looking for a non-surgical or a lip filler treatment may not realise that on side profile they have a small, unbalanced chin. A small chin may become more visible once the nose is harmonising with the face. Correspondingly, the lips enhanced can emphasise a smaller chin, changing the structure of the lower face. With that said, the shape of the nose, lips and chin can affect the overall profile of the face and this will be highlighted below.

Profile balancing

Attractiveness is a subjective influenced by many factors such as age, ethnicity and culture. But proportional and balanced facial features are found to be vital factors that influence physical appearance and attractiveness. Profile balancing harmonises the features of the face, enhancing the facial profile, especially the side profile. Non-surgical procedures will change the facial balance, proportion and facial characteristic. For the achievement of natural and balanced results, the choice of single or combination of treatments is considered by the patient. Single treatment is ideally and increasingly used by many aiming to enhance and maintain facial features and delay signs of ageing. Other patients, especially older individuals, generally require a combination of treatments, targeting the restoration of loss of volume and improving the quality of the skin and define facial features.

At Dermamina London, we offer filler packages that let patients pay for filler quantity rather than individual treatments in order to achieve profile balancing. Along with filler packages, patients also have the option for profile balancing of the nose, lips and chin as a package deal. These treatments can be done on the same day so less time off work is needed, time saving for the patient and minimum downtime and instant results. During the consultation provided with every treatment, Mina will take the time to understand patients main concerns and expectations to determine the underlying issue and suitability in order to provide a treatment plan tailored to the patient.

After accurate assessment and detailed treatment planning, injectable dermal fillers are used to profile balance. Dermal fillers, also known as facial fillers, is a gel like substance typically made of hyaluronic acid and is widely used for cosmetic procedures. This is a minimally invasive injectable filler that can provide facial volume and augment facial features. For the non-surgical nose treatment, the procedure involves injecting dermal fillers strategically to the nose to achieve a better definition, straightened and lifted nose, providing more harmony and balance to the shape. Dermal fillers can also be added to a back set or protruded chin to create a more structured and defined look and for profile balancing by balancing the ratio between the nose and lips. Along with the chin filler treatment, many individuals opt for a jawline treatment, which compliments each other to create a better-defined lower face.

Chin Augmentation

When is comes to facial rejuvenation of the lower face, especially the chin, it goes by unnoticed, despite having a huge impact on the proportion, structure and the profile of the face. In some cases, the chin may be smaller in comparison to the nose and other facial features. During the ageing process, the shape of the lower face changes, causing the chin to move backwards along with the jawline to sag and lose volume. This results in the loss of profile balance and harmony of the features of the face. More notably a smaller chin will make the nose look more prominent or oversized, compromising the facial balance. With non-surgical dermal filler treatment, the shape of the chin can be defined and restored, providing a better definition to the lower face. The injectable filler can be strategically injected to add volume to the chin and make the chin appear more prominent and in proportion to the rest of the features on the face. This will result in a good ratio and balance between the nose and chin on profile view as the nose will not appear as oversized. This balance between the nose and chin is essential for facial balancing and with accurate and detailed treatment planning and injecting, the patient will achieve facial balancing with chin filler treatment

Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty

The nose, being the centre feature of the face is an important part that can impact the frontal and side profile of the face and in maintaining facial balance. Whether the patient was born with a nose shape that that does not balance well with their face, or have noticed changes as they got older, or had an injury that impacted the appearance of their nose, are all increasing concerns for both men and women.

The shape of the nose greatly affects the side profile especially if the patient has a prominent hump in the dorsal area, making the nose look hooked and not balanced with the rest of the face. A hooked nose is when the dorsal hump is followed by a droopy nose tip. This is an increasing concern that many patients have and with the non-surgical nose treatment, the tip of the nose can be defined to give a lifted look, balancing well with a straightened nose, reducing the hooked nose look. Non-surgical nose job can provide this quick fix in the reshaping and modifying of the nose, providing an instant result. It is an ideal treatment for someone wanting to try out changes without committing to surgery or completely altering the nose with surgery, rather it allows the restoring and enhancing of ones natural beauty, and stimulating the collagen in the body. Also, the treatment is completely reversible with the use of hyaluronidase. For those patients that like the result of the non-surgical rhinoplasty, the treatment can be topped up safely over the years to maintain the result.

With dermal filler treatment, the nose can be instantly modified and in most cases takes no longer than ten minutes. Whether the nose is hooked, or the nasal bridge has a visible hump, or the nose is flat and lacks a defined bridge can all create facial imbalance. With the right method and injecting skills, the nose can be altered and in harmony with the chin and other facial features. A straightened nose bridge, lifted nose tip, contoured nose can match with a prominent and enhanced chin to create more harmony and balance to the face.

Lip Enhancement

One of the most appealing features of the face is the lip. As we get older, our lips go through natural skin changes, with gradual loss in the natural volume, colour, texture and shape. Dermal fillers specifically designed for the lips come in a variety of densities, all made of hyaluronic acid and whether you want a subtle natural looking lips or a fuller plumped result, the most suitable dermal filler will be used to create that perfect desired look. Along with the nose and chin, the lips can be enhanced to create a better overall balance and proportion to the face for a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

Many individuals come for fuller and well-defined lips as they are always associated with youthfulness and beauty. Lip filler treatment, commonly known as lip augmentation, is a non-surgical procedure ideal for anyone who would like to add volume and definition, as well as correct the proportion and symmetry of the lips. With this treatment provided by Dermamina, a natural definition and plumpness can be achieved that seamlessly blend with the other features of the face.

Dermal fillers are injected strategically to the lips, providing well-suited results according to the patient’s requirements. Before the treatment, numbing cream is applied to ease the pain for a pain-free experience. The treatment is done with a very fine needle to ensure minimal discomfort and bruising. The results are instant and lasts approximately 9 months, whereby the filler gets broken down gradually by the body, allowing it to go back to its original shape.

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