29 OCT 2020

What is the cheek filler treatment and how does it work?


As we age, there is a loss in facial volume causing many changes to the face, such as the flattening or sagging of the cheeks. This is caused by the shift in facial fats and the loss of collagen, which can make the face appear aged. Areas of the face start to lose their structural support and the even distribution of face fat around the cheeks, mouth, eyes, forehead, and temples changes and slowly starts to decline, as we get older. Plump and round cheeks start to sag and sink, causing hollowness under the eyes or in other words, the tear trough area. Lips start to shrink and lose their plumpness, causing vertical lines to appear. This results in a young, full face to appear older and thin.

Cheek fillers, also known as cheek augmentation treatment, provide volume to and around your cheekbones. Dermal fillers are used to create that instant ‘plumping’ effect, restoring and boosting the volume of the cheeks and give definition to the natural cheekbone structure, recreating the youthful contours of the face. The treatment is tailored to your individual face shape, needs and goals and once injected, the filler enhances the cheek size, definition and shape. This not only empowers augmentation of the cheeks but also provides a lift to the mid and lower face.

How do cheek fillers work and what is the procedure like?

Loss of facial volume can be a result of the natural ageing process or individual lifestyle and health, such as medical conditions, smoking, weight loss, intense exposure to the sun and heat. However, the loss of volume can be restored and treated using specialised facial dermal fillers, a non-surgical and non-invasive option for many.

Cheek filler treatment using dermal fillers instantly help restore plumpness to the cheeks. This is done by injecting strategically to the mid face for fuller and defined cheekbones. The fillers used for the mid face area are made of hyaluronic acid, which is safe and approved for use in the cheeks and face. Juverderm and Restylane are the two types of fillers that are highly effective and well known for the cheeks and under eye.

Before the treatment begins, your cheek structure and shape will be assessed in order to check your suitability for the treatment. This is in order to determine if the treatment can provide results that you desire and expect. Once everything has been checked and the patient is happy to proceed the treatment will begin. Numbing cream is applied to the area before starting to minimize the pain and once the cream has taken it’s full effect, the injection is prepared with premium dermal filler. Slowly and gradually the injection is inserted, with only one opening on each side of the cheeks, reaching all the areas and filling in the filler beneath the skin. By opening only one entry point on each side will reduce the risk of bruising, swelling and vascular complications. We recommend not drinking any alcoholic drinks a couple days before the treatment, to avoid major bruising and swelling.

After both the sides of the cheeks are filled and massaged well, you will be able to see instant plumpness, contour and structure to your cheekbones.

One of the great benefits of this non-surgical procedure is that the patient is awake and can be involved throughout the treatment, seeing and feeling the change unfold. At Dermamina, we love the patient to be as involved as they like during the appointment and treatment. This is to make sure expected rather than unexpected results are achieved. The treatment takes no longer than 20 minutes and most patients feel none to minimal pain. Results are instant, with no downtime or major swelling or bruising, allowing you to get back to living your life with minimal disruption.


Following the cheek filler treatment, it is important to note that the filler will need a day or two to settle into position on your face. Therefore, as with all non-surgical treatments, there area several post treatment advice that needs to be followed for fast recovery and to avoid any risk of infection. These include:

Avoid sleeping face down and on your cheeks

No exercise or extreme activities, including lifting heavy items for 24 to 48 hours

Avoid hot showers and washing of the face with hot water. Warm water is ok to use

No pressure, harsh items or makeup on the area for 24 hours

Avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours
Ice pack can be applied to the area to prevent any swelling

At Dermamina London, we make sure all our patients are aware of the risks and complications included in the cheek filler treatment and we emphasise how important it is to follow post treatment advice and when to refer back, especially if severe complications occur. That said, cheek fillers are a low risk and non-invasive procedure with minimal recovery time. But as with all facial dermal filler treatment, common side effects of cheek fillers may include swelling, sight bruising or redness at the injected area. The risk of rare side effects and complication is higher if treated with an inexperienced provider.


Dermal filler treatments are temporary treatments and can last up to 18 months. With the cheek filler treatment, the fillers can hold its shape for 12-18 months, whereby fillers will eventually dissolve and metabolize during this period. The best thing about dermal filler treatment is it is customisable and can be maintained with top ups of the treatment after it has been dissolved. It can also be used to experiment for those that want to go for surgical treatment but want to have an idea before making a commitment to a permanent change.


It is without a doubt that there are many benefits to the cheek filler treatment as mentioned above. Not only does it enhance the front and side profile, but also it can provide a lift to the mid face and provide a youthful look. Further benefits include:

Minimal disruption as no downtime or recovery time needed. You can continue with your daily routine, without having to take time off work right after the treatment.
It is not permanent filler so as time passes; results can be maintained or discontinued.
Another great benefit of using dermal fillers is that it can be easily dissolved with hyaluronidase (an enzyme that naturally exists in our bodies) for those that want to reverse the treatment or want to reduce it slightly for a more subtle look.
Cheek filler have a very low risk of serious complications or infection.
Cheek filler are customisable based on what you want to achieve and suitability, as more fillers can be injected if needed to achieve the desired look.
Getting the cheek filler treatment not only creates a structure and definition to the cheekbones, but it can improve the under eye and smile line area.
It is inexpensive compared to a surgical treatment and you are able to see the results unfold during the treatment.

Where to get tear trough treatment in London

Dermamina offers bespoke cheek filler treatments in the vibrant city, London. We are located just a two-minute walk from Marble Arch station, and walking distance from Bond Street station and Oxford Street. Contact Dermamina for a consultation to find out if the tear trough filler is right for you today!