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What is chin / jaw filler treatment?

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When it comes to aesthetic rejuvenation, the chin and jaw area goes by unnoticed despite having a huge impact on the proportion, structure and the profile of the face. During the ageing process, the shape of the lower face changes, causing the chin to move backwards, and the skin of the jawline area to sag, resulting in the loss of profile balance and definition of the face.

Dermal fillers can be used to define, protrude and restore the shape of the chin, pre-jowl area and jawline, providing a better definition of the lower face and resulting in overall profile balancing of the face. The fillers can be injected in to the chin to lengthen it, as some people feel they have a disproportionate chin compared to the rest of their face. It can also be used to move the chin forward or downwards to improve projection and size, to create that perfect profile.

Dermal fillers can also be the treatment of choice for those that have a weak or unsymmetrical jawline as it can rejuvenate and enhance the shape of the jaw. We provide bespoke treatments that are designed to meet individual patient needs, whether you want a more structured and chiselled masculine shape, or a more contoured and smoother feminine look.

The results tend to last between 12-18 months whereby the filler gets broken down gradually by the body, allowing it to go back to its original shape. This varies from person to person as it all depends on the individual metabolic rate and lifestyle.

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Chin / Jaw Filler

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Step 1. Consultation

All of our treatments begin with a private consultation that includes a full facial assessment by our expert practitioner. The desired outcome and suitability of the treatment on the patient will be discussed, and then a tailored treatment plan is devised together.

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