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Exosomes For Hair Loss

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Exosomes Treatment for Hair Loss London

What is exosomes for Hair Loss?
exosomes for hair loss

Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles that play a role in cell-to-cell communication and are involved in various physiological processes, including hair growth. Exosome therapy for hair growth is a promising area of research and potential treatment for hair loss and thinning.

Exosomes contribute to maintaining and preventing hair loss by promoting hair follicle growth, increasing cell proliferation, enhancing hair follicle health, reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, and promoting cell survival. They deliver growth factors, cytokines, and regulatory molecules that stimulate dermal papilla cells, improve nutrient delivery, and support overall hair health, ultimately leading to improved hair growth and reduced hair loss.

Unlike many hair care products, exosomes operate at a cellular level, ensuring the integrity of the hair growth cycle for longer periods. They not only stimulate the growth of new hair but also improve the thickness of existing strands while reducing baldness and scalp thinning associated with conditions like alopecia. By accelerating cell division, exosomes aid in repairing damaged hair follicles, contributing to the faster growth of new hair

Impact on hair restoration?

Impacts on the restoration of hair growth
prp beard restoration
  • Targeted delivery: Exosomes can target specific cells and tissues, delivering growth factors and signaling molecules directly to the hair follicles to stimulate growth and improve hair health.

  • Natural and safe: The Exosomes are collected from salmon testes cells collected from ethically farmed salmon in Korea this then gets cultivated in embryonic stem cell media, making them a natural and safe treatment option for hair loss with minimal risk of side effects or complications.

  • Non-invasive procedure: Exosome therapy for hair loss typically involves injections into the scalp, which is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require surgery or extensive downtime.

  • Personalized treatment: Exosome therapy can be customized to individual needs and hair loss concerns, providing a tailored approach to addressing hair thinning, hair loss, or other scalp conditions.

  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Exosomes have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the scalp, which is often associated with hair loss conditions such as alopecia.

  • Antioxidant benefits: Exosomes contain antioxidants that can help protect hair follicles from oxidative stress and free radical damage, promoting healthier hair growth and reducing hair loss.

  • Long-lasting results: Exosome therapy has the potential to provide long-lasting results for hair growth and maintenance, offering a sustainable solution for managing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

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Why Choose Exosomes for Hair Loss?

I Exosomes offer a promising hair loss treatment option due to their ability to stimulate hair follicle growth, improve hair health, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress that contribute to hair loss. They provide a targeted and natural approach to promoting hair growth without the potential side effects or complications associated with other treatments. Utilizing ENTRÆ Technology, the doubling time of harvested exosomes is minimized, resulting in a homogeneous and pure final product with up to 10,000 times more exosomes per unit compared to other sources.

Who is suitable for Exosomes Hair Loss Treatment

The audience suitable for exosomes hair loss treatment includes people experiencing hair thinning, pattern baldness, or other forms of hair loss. Both men and women seeking effective, non-invasive solutions for hair restoration are potential suitors. Additionally, individuals looking for natural alternatives or those who have not found success with conventional treatments may also be interested in exosomes therapy.

Why Exosomes Hair Loss Treatment Stands Out

Exosomes hair loss treatment stands out from other competitors due to its non-invasive nature, natural formulation, and targeted approach. Unlike invasive procedures like hair transplants or harsh chemical treatments, exosomes therapy offers a safe and minimally invasive option with no downtime. Moreover, its ability to stimulate hair growth at a cellular level sets it apart, providing more comprehensive and long-lasting results compared to topical treatments or medications that merely address symptoms. With exosomes, you can achieve fuller, thicker hair without compromising on safety or efficacy.

Exosomes Hair Loss vs. PRP Hair Loss Treatment: Choosing the Right Solution

When it comes to combating hair loss, both exosomes therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment are popular choices. Each approach offers unique benefits, but understanding the differences between the two can help individuals make an informed decision about which option best suits their needs.

What is the source of Exosomes Hair Loss Treatment?

The Exosomes are collected from salmon testes cells collected from ethically farmed salmon in Korea this then gets cultivated in embryonic stem cell media. 95% Genetic Congruency Between Salmon & Humans (Polynucleotide) making it safer than human derived exosomes and more effective than plant based exosomes. Salmon Testis contains highly purified DNA. By utilising salmon cells, we can ensure that the Exosomes have low levels of free radicals and impurities.

Why Choose Exosomes?

Targeted Approach: Exosomes work at a cellular level, addressing the underlying causes of hair loss for long-lasting results.

Non-Invasive: Unlike invasive procedures like hair transplants, exosomes therapy is minimally invasive with no downtime.

Natural Formulation: Exosomes are derived from natural sources, making them a safe and sustainable option for hair restoration.

Comprehensive Results: By stimulating hair follicle cells and enhancing blood circulation, exosomes therapy offers comprehensive results, promoting thicker, healthier hair growth.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment:

PRP therapy involves extracting platelets from the patient's blood and injecting them into the scalp to stimulate hair follicle activity and promote hair growth. Platelets contain growth factors that aid in tissue repair and regeneration.

Why Choose PRP?

Proven Effectiveness: PRP has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and improve hair density in individuals with certain types of hair loss.

Minimal Risk: Since PRP utilizes the patient's own blood, the risk of adverse reactions or complications is minimal. Versatility: PRP can be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, such as medications or hair transplant surgery, to enhance results.

Fast Procedure: PRP treatment sessions are typically quick and can be performed in a medical office with little to no downtime.

Choosing the Right Hair Loss Option:

Ultimately, the choice between exosomes therapy and PRP treatment depends on factors such as individual preferences, the severity of hair loss, and treatment goals. While both options offer benefits, you should consult with our qualified healthcare providers to determine the most suitable approach for your unique needs. Whether opting for the targeted approach of exosomes therapy or the proven effectiveness of PRP treatment, you can take proactive steps towards restoring fuller, healthier hair.

PRP & Exosomes

How PRP with Exosomes Treats Hair Loss
prp beard restoration

Hair loss can significantly impact one's self-image when facing the mirror. Fortunately, there are various surgical and non-surgical interventions available to address this issue.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy stands out as an advanced treatment for hair restoration, offering a promising solution for those seeking non-surgical options to combat thinning hair.

Below is an overview of how PRP therapy addresses hair loss and essential information about platelet-rich plasma, including the role of exosomes:

Understanding PRP: A Brief Background

Initially developed in the 1970s to treat conditions like arthritis and muscle injuries, PRP therapy harnesses the body's natural healing mechanisms, finding applications across different medical fields.

Decoding Platelets and Plasma

Plasma, the fluid component of blood, primarily consists of water and proteins, facilitating the transportation of blood components. Platelets play a crucial role in healing processes, including clotting and stimulating hair follicles.

Insight into Exosomes

Exosomes play a pivotal role in tissue regeneration, containing numerous growth factors essential for healing. When used in PRP therapy, exosomes stimulate the production of new hair follicles, revitalizing dormant follicles that cause hair thinning.

Procedure Overview

PRP therapy involves isolating platelets from the patient's blood, processing them into an injectable form, and applying them to the affected area.

Comfort and Duration of Treatment

PRP injections typically cause minimal discomfort and take a short time to complete, offering a convenient option for non-surgical hair restoration.

Anticipating Results

Most individuals notice hair growth and thickening within a few months of PRP therapy, with optimal results achieved through a series of treatments over several months.

Longevity of Results

PRP treatments yield long-lasting outcomes, necessitating occasional touch-ups to maintain results.

Potential Side Effects

Although rare, potential side effects of PRP therapy include infection and discomfort at the injection site..

Potential side effects include redness, soreness, swelling, bruising, discomfort of the injection sites and infection.

Eligibility and Considerations

PRP therapy is generally well-tolerated and suitable for individuals over 18 years old with good health. It can address various types of hair loss, Excluding medically related hair loss, due to underlying medical conditions.

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After 3 sessions of PRP hair treatment and following care advice from Mina I have undoubtedly seen a vast improvement in the density of my hair. The procedure itself causes very little discomfort which I believe is solely attributed to Mina's technique. Mina is very warm, caring and honest. I highly recommend.

Abdulaziz Al-Ansari

Had a PRP. Friendly staff, comfortable for first time, location is great, high quality and acceptable rates

Elsa Trojaola

Absolutely amazing, I highly recommend to everyone! Always Great Results, Dr. Mina is exceptional in what she does and always takes great care of her patients. The whole staff is excellent, friendly and welcoming always. Thank you so much!

Laura Lauren

Mina is an amazing person, she is so patient and always go over and beyond for her clients. This was my second visit and I am very happy with my results and the excellent customer service Dermamina gives


Very informed, very professional and a very comfortable experience. All staff were welcoming and the procedure itself was successful in my opinion. With all things time will tell if 100% successful but I’m very happy with the initial results. Fabulous clinic and I highly recommend.

Andrea Pomphrey

Professional and friendly staff and a welcoming clinician who gives clear and expert advice . Very happy with outcomes and will be returning . Great location too.

Ria Soni

I’d found this place on Instagram and i’m so glad I decided to go ahead with them!

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