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PRP Beard Restoration

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PRP Beard Restoration London

What is PRP beard restoration treatment?
prp beard restoration

Treat your beard hair using our unique, minimally invasive Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP) hair treatment. This one-of-a-kind treatment harnesses the incredibly powerful, natural healing power of your body’s own PRP to stimulate your hair follicles, providing you with fuller, healthier and thicker beard.

A full thick beard is very desirable especially if you have gaps and unevenness in your beard, moustache and chin. PRP Beard Restoration not only stimulates healthy hair growth, but improves blood circulation, promotes tissue healing and the production of growth factors that lead to cell regeneration.

Quick Facts

PRP beard restoration summary

Treatment Time

30 minutes




Minimal discomfort (with the use of numbing cream)


From £240

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1 Session
£320 £240

3 Sessions
£960 £720

6 Sessions
£1920 £1440

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£3840 £2880

PRP for hair loss Treatment Process

Our Process

PRP for hair loss process

The London PRP Hair/Beard Restoration Treatment has 3 steps, which is as follows:

1. First, a small sample of your blood will be drawn from your arm and collected in a special tube. This tube is then placed in a device called a centrifuge.

2. Next, the blood sample is centrifuged. The centrifuge is used to separate the platelets from the whole blood , creating your own Platelet Rich Plasma.

3. With the prepared syringes, the highly concentred PRP is extracted and ready to be strategically injected into certain areas of the scalp or face where the hair is thinning / hairless / balding.

PRP Results

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair loss is a recent breakthrough with many extensive scientific and academic studies that supports and confirms the use of PRP injections as an effective form of cosmetic treatment to treat hair loss and help the regrowth and regeneration of hair follicles.

As with all cosmetic treatments, the ultimate success relies on the individuals biological and genetical characteristics, lifestyle factors, other causes of their hair loss, their hair texture and density.

At Dermamina London, we will go through a thorough consultation before the treatment begins in order to create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs and suitability.

Treatment Steps

How does it work?

Step 1. Consultation

All of our treatments begin with a private consultation that includes a full facial assessment by our expert practitioner. The desired outcome and suitability of the treatment on the patient will be discussed, and then a tailored treatment plan is devised together.

Questions about PRP beard Restoration

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