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What is Corner Of Mouth (Marionette) Treatment?
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As we age and fluctuate in weight our skin loses elasticity, fat, collagen and elastin. This loss leads to the corner of the mouth to be pulled down, causing unappealing marionette lines to appear, which are the long vertical downturned lines/creases that can be seen from the corners of the lips to the chin. These lines give the appearance of a sad look to the face.

Dermal filler can be injected strategically, in order to anchor and lift the corners higher up, instantly rejuvenating and giving a younger, fresher and happier look to the face.

The treatment takes no longer than 10 minutes; with instant results and no down time, meaning you can get straight back to your normal daily activities, feeling a boost in self confidence. All appointments begin with consultation and assessment, to ensure we understand your requirements and to provide bespoke treatments tailored to your individual suitability and needs.

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10 minutes

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None / Mild


From £300

Results Last

Approx. 12-18 Months

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