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What is Mesotherapy treatment?
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It is without a doubt that premature ageing is an everyday battle for all of us, with our delicate skin bearing the brunt of pollution, UV damage, and a heap of other external and internal causes hastening the process. Fine lines and wrinkles can appear quickly without sufficient protection and care, especially around the eyes, lips, and forehead. Mesotherapy London is a great way to give your skin a much-needed instant beauty boost. You'll notice a difference of natural-looking, healthy, radiant and youthful skin in no time.

It is not surprising that Mesotherapy has a variety of advantages such as rejuvenating the skin but it is also beneficial for those suffering from hair loss and thinning. With most patients seeing an instant halt to hair loss, remarkable outcomes and successful promotion of natural hair growth.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique using specifically formulated cocktails of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that get delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin and/or scalp. The infusion of these ingredients can be used to improve the appearance of a variety of skin concerns and/or strengthen hair quality.

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Mesotherapy for hair loss London

The bespoke blend of specialised cocktails used in Mesotherapy can be used to combat hair loss or hair thinning. The main factors of hair loss can include: genetics, hormonal imbalances, decreased blood circulation, underlying health conditions, and a lack of key nutrients. Mesotherapy treatment aims to get the needed components delivered into the mesoderm of the scalp, a layer that is between fat layers and the skin tissue, encouraging cell growth and improving blood circulation.

Mesotherapy for hair treatment London, targets specific areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning or balding. It’s unique combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acid promotes and restores hair growth in existing hair follicles. It can help increase microcirculation and provide vital nutrients to hair follicles, promoting hair growth and as a result healthier, thicker and fuller looking hair.

Mesotherapy for hair loss Results

Natural hair growth will be stimulated with results that can be seen after just one treatment, but for optimal results, a course of up to three treatments at regular intervals is recommended, with a few top-up treatments required for maintenance on an annual basis. This will be discussed during the initial consultation before the treatment begins.

Mesotherapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Our Mesotherapy Skin Treatment can be tailored to address a variety of skin concerns while nourishing, brightening and rejuvenating the skin, and stimulating the production of the skins own collagen and elastin, which improves the skins elasticity, adding a youthful and radiant look.

Mesotherapy not only improves dull, tired-looking skin and superficial wrinkles, but it also aids the skin in flushing out ageing toxins by improving sluggish blood circulation.

This treatment can also be used to address hyperpigmentation, acne, and give the skin a glow from within. Skin will become more radiant, hydrated, nourished and firmer with an improved texture.

Mesotherapy Facial Rejuvenation Results

Fine lines and wrinkles are encouraged to fade away for a more youthful, even skin tone, while dull or fatigued facial skin is rejuvenated for a more radiant, healthy appearance. You might expect a tighter, more contoured appearance in the treated area. Some effects can be seen after just one treatment, but a course of up to three treatments at regular intervals is recommended, with maintenance sessions once every six to twelve months if needed.

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