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Non Surgical Nose Job London

Non Surgical Nose Job London

Non Surgical Nose Job London

Non Surgical Nose Job London

Non Surgical Nose Job London

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What is non surgical rhinoplasty

Dermamina has been honoured with the prestigious "Clinic of Excellence". This remarkable recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services and delivering the highest standard of patient care. We strive to create an environment where patients feel valued and supported throughout their journey. We are inspired to continue our pursuit of excellence to provide the best possible care to our valued patients.

Tear Trough Under Eye London

What is tear trough treatment?

What is non surgical rhinoplasty

Our eyes are the focal point and an important feature that brings out the beauty and emotion in our face, and so the frame around it presents a common and prevalent cosmetic concern. The tear trough is the area and groove between your lower eyelid and cheek.

For certain individuals, dark circles, hollow and sunken tear troughs are hereditary. While other individuals tear trough start to become more prominently hollow, often forming dark circles and creases with age or certain lifestyle factors. As we age, tear troughs become more prominent because facial tissues lose volume and collagen as you get older, and this can be restored and treated with tear trough dermal fillers.

Tear trough treatment, sometimes referred to as undereye filler, instantly revives and rejuvenates your under eyes, reducing dark circles and lines. This is done through non-surgical and non-invasive injections, with dermal fillers carefully used for the under eyes.

Dermal fillers are the most effective for long lasting and instant results that minimise hollows, dark circles and lines under the eyes, and as a result will reduce the appearance of tiredness, exhaustion and old age. With the tear trough treatment, the under eye can appear to be brighter, firmer and plumped, helping you look and feel more wide awake and youthful.

Non surgical Treatment Reviews

What our customers think


I came in for a non-surgical Rhinoplasty and really was satisfied with the service I received! Mina did very well at thoroughly explaining everything to me during the consultation. She assessed my nose and gave me a realistic idea of what could be done to achieve my desired results. The facility was extremely clean and all the staff were extremely friendly.


Went to see Mina for a non-surgical nose job, having never had any kind of filler treatment before so was understandably a little nervous. However Mina was very professional and friendly, explaining the procedure clearly and checking if I had any questions or concerns. I felt completely at ease and my results looks great - would definitely recommend and return in future!

Amir ahmed

Before attending Dermamina I knew that the service would be absolutely amazing, I knew I was taking the right decision by choosing Dermamina to achieve the desired look I was going for. My nose looks amazing all thanks to Mina, she is one of the most amazing and caring person I’ve met. The team there were amazing and such nice people they made me feel welcome and well cared for.


I started my laser treatment with Sam and she is best therapist you can ask for! She makes you feel so comfortable, and is friendly, patient and explains everything in detail! I’m already seeing huge results after two sessions and can’t wait to continue! Thank you Dermamina and Sam for your services!

Miss Harris

I had my first laser session with Dr Sam and from the moment I met her she was a dream, I'm even looking forward to my next session! Everything is so clean and professional, highly recommend!

Mark B

This was my first visit to have a patch test for laser hair removal. I had not been to such a place before. Very pleasant staff, good location, on time, and a helpful conversation. I will be returning for the full treatment.

Elsa Trojaola

Absolutely amazing, I highly recommend to everyone! Always Great Results, Dr. Mina is exceptional in what she does and always takes great care of her patients. The whole staff is excellent, friendly and welcoming always. Thank you so much!

Laura Lauren

Mina is an amazing person, she is so patient and always go over and beyond for her clients. This was my second visit and I am very happy with my results and the excellent customer service Dermamina gives


Very informed, very professional and a very comfortable experience. All staff were welcoming and the procedure itself was successful in my opinion. With all things time will tell if 100% successful but I’m very happy with the initial results. Fabulous clinic and I highly recommend.

Andrea Pomphrey

Professional and friendly staff and a welcoming clinician who gives clear and expert advice . Very happy with outcomes and will be returning . Great location too.

Ria Soni

I’d found this place on Instagram and i’m so glad I decided to go ahead with them!

Are Tear Trough Treatments Safe?

The idea of having a treatment done under the eye can cause uncertainty for many, especially as it is a complex area. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks and complications involved, and what fillers are safe to use under the eyes. Most importantly, tear trough treatments should only be undertaken and treated by experienced practitioners.

The dermal filler specially used for the under eye is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that already exists in the human body. When inserted into our bodies, the filler increases fullness and decreases indentions under the eye. The benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it can be easily dissolved with a natural enzyme called hyaluronidase (also found in our bodies). This can be used to dissolve fillers for those that do not like the result or want to lessen the amount under the eyes. If severe complications occur, the filler can be dissolved to prevent further risks.

As the under eye area is intricate, it carries the same risk of necrosis as your lips, and this occurs when the injection accidently goes into an artery, causing premature death of . Other complication and side effects of the treatment can include headache, allergic reaction, edema (swelling), filler forming into lumps, vascular side effects and in very rare cases blindness due to central retinal artery occlusion. This is very rare in the cosmetic field and so it is important to make sure you are in safe and experienced hands.

"The consultation with Mina has been the most refreshing and personal...She s an absolutely delightful doctor and lady that makes you feel comfortable straight away.I walked in to share the area of concern that I wanted to treat ( tear through and cheeks enhancement) and she gave very honest options,without pushing to buy packages or adding treatments,as many other clinics would do." - Simona

Tear Trough Filler Cost UK

Tear trough cost starts from £450 and you can get this done straight after your consultation.

So what makes Dermamina so popular with tear trough in London? Well, for one we have completed thousands of tear trough treatments with results being amazing:

"I had tear trough treatment today and everything was amazing , from the consultation to the end result !" - Alla

With such great results we have been told over and over by our clients that we are the best tear trough clinic in London, if not the UK:

"I visited the salon for Tear trough and other treatments, the atmosphere in the salon is very pleasant and friendly, I am satisfied with the result." - Lena

Treatment Steps

How does it work?

Step 1. Consultation

All of our treatments begin with a private consultation that includes a full facial assessment by our expert practitioner. The desired outcome and suitability of the treatment on the patient will be discussed, and then a tailored treatment plan is devised together.

Step 2. Treatment

Numbing cream is applied to the areas to be treatment, then the treatment is administered following this. The procedure itself is simple and takes only a few minutes. The filler is injected into the targeted areas with a fine needle.

Step 3. After Care

Following every treatment, a comprehensive after care advise will be provided before leaving the clinic. The information will also be sent by email to ensure you always have it.

Questions about Tear Trough Under Eye

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