21 Sep 2021

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty - Nose Filler

nose job

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is the perfect option for those who want to achieve a more proportionate side profile, removing possible bumps in the nose; It’s the perfect solution for those who want to have a better profile but are not willing to undergo a painful rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Proportionality is key to us feeling happier about our appearance, especially when it comes to our nose, as it’s one of the first thing that we notice in someone’s face. Non-surgical rhinoplasty (or “liquid nose job”) amends the small notch or bump in the nose, known as the dorsal hump, to create a more desirable, straight profile. In this treatment, dermal filler is injected strategically in a specific area of the nose to make it look straighter and more in line with the rest of the face. In this article, we will cover the whole process, so you can be aware of what’s involved and be more relaxed during the day of the procedure.

The right treatment for the right person

The consultation will be crucial to understand if you’re the right person for this treatment.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can reduce the appearance of a dorsal hump and changing a deviation of the tip of the nose but cannot make a nose look smaller.

Having a smaller nose can be achieved as a visual effect by injecting filler in the small sections that needs treatment, but if you’re not happy with the size itself then you will need a different procedure.

Also, non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot resolve structural issues, as only surgical rhinoplasty is suitable for the repair of breakages and to solve breathing / snoring problems.

Whether you’re looking to create a straighter nose and/or looking to lift the tip instead, injections may be a viable option for you to consider.

During your consultation, you’ll be informed of all of the options available to you, and your practitioner will advise you accordingly should you require further information.


Once you arrive to the clinic, we will make sure we answer any questions you may have about the procedure, such as risks and what should be avoided after the procedure. We understand you will be very excited and nervous about the procedure if you never had it done before. We’re here to make this as comfortable as possible for you! It’s crucial to know that you need to be 18 years and older to have the procedure done.

The consultation will be thorough, and will involve the following:

  • We take a picture of the “before.”
  • We give you a mirror to point out what you would like to achieve and where in the nose.
  • We clean the area with an alcohol wipe to make sure it’s disinfected and ready.
  • Apply a strong numbing cream for 15-20 minutes.
  • Clean the area again with an alcohol wipe.
  • We start with the procedure, injecting the area to make sure we can achieve the results you want. It won’t take more than 10 minutes!
  • We will give you a mirror to show you the results and make sure you’re happy.
  • We take another picture for the “after” so we can compare it.

The actual procedure

The process uses hyaluronic acid dermal filler to create small, raised sections that changes the appearance of the overall profile of the nose.

One of the main advantages of the process is that it can be done without a general anaesthetic, only the area being worked on while be numbed using some numbing cream.

The procedure won’t make the nose bigger or change its shape or size as filler in tiny areas will leave you with a shape you’re happy with.

The injections are strategically placed to lift sections of the nose to make those bumps and ridges seemingly disappear.

The procedure is typically performed using pre-filled syringes of hyaluronic acid coupled with a mild anaesthetic.

The procedure won’t make the nose bigger or change its shape or size dramatically but just enough filler in tiny areas will leave you with a shape you’re happy with.

The area is numbed with a topical cream, so there’s no need to worry about it being uncomfortable.

Adding filler to reshape the nose means there’s no need for nasty bruises, no lengthy recovery periods, and, most of all, minimal discomfort.

The needles that we use are very thin and leave most patients with barely any sign afterward.

Results and when to repeat the treatment

We pride ourselves into being one of the best clinics for this procedure, having hundreds and hundreds of very happy patients.

The results are immediate, so you will be happy with your nose right after the procedure.

The treatment will have to be repeated at some point; however, most results will last for 12 to 18 months.

How long your results last ultimately depends on the amount and type of filler you have injected, usually for the nose we use mostly 1 ml in total, but in rarer cases we might need 2 ml.

There are several factors affecting how long your body takes to partially dissolve the filler, such as having a fast metabolism or going to the gym often.

Some people may find that a second treatment for the non-surgical rhinoplasty is only required after 30 months and that the treatment then lasts them significantly longer.

Possible risks

Some people may experience swelling, often immediately after the injections, and other people that won’t see any swelling. Usually, the worst swelling occurs in the first 24 hours after the procedure, especially the following morning after waking up as you will have spent the whole time laying down without moving much.

The swelling may be there for 3 or 4 days, so if you have an important event, make sure to give yourself some time to prepare and avoid last minute appointments. There may also be minor bruising, allergic reactions, and other possible side effects depending on your health & fitness. Another risk it’s related to the injection itself as the needle breach the skin, so to minimise these risks and others, ensure you always use a trained professional to carry out the procedure.

Alternative procedures and concerns

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is the only alternative to the surgical rhinoplasty.

There is no general anaesthetic involved. It’s simply done by injecting dermal filler into specific points in the nose.

If the nose is too big or too wide, then surgery is considered the best option.

If you’re worried about making your nose bigger, rest assured that it cannot be possible with the liquid nose job, as we will only fill the gaps in the nose that make the nose look irregular, creating the illusion of making the nose look smaller and slimmer!



The procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes, and it lasts on average about one year: on some people, it may last a bit longer, and on some other people, it may last about 9-10 months, and that is based on individual factors, such as the metabolism of the person and their lifestyle.

Post-procedural care

After the procedure, there may be a “pressure-like” sensation that may last until the day after, but that is not painful.

After having your treatment done, it’s in your best interest to preserve the beautiful results achieved. There are a few things that must be avoided as they can create issues such as infections. What to avoid?

You should allow the area to properly heal, so it’s advised to avoid the use of all cosmetics for a 24hr period and to avoid heavy exercise for a couple of days. It’s also advised that no heavy eyewear is placed in the area and to avoid direct sunlight and any potential impact to the area for two to three weeks as it may change the shape initially achieved.

Changed your mind?

Some people may worry about the procedure being irreversible if they don’t like the results: we can confirm that is not the case. It is possible to dissolve the hyaluronic acid with an enzyme to speed up the degeneration of the filler and this procedure is typically reserved only for those who are unhappy with the results.

Due to the nature of the process, your practitioner will advise in your consultation of the volume of filler you require and where it would be placed, so to achieve the best look for your face.

If you want to know whether this is an appropriate procedure for you, then get in touch and let’s talk about your needs, we’ll be more than happy to guide you through your available options. Feel free to send us an email or book an appointment via our online booking service as it’s easy, and you will immediately be able to book the day and the most suitable time for you.