Non Surgical Lip Enhancement

Celebrity culture has sparked a huge increase in non-surgical lip enhancement. What are the risks, benefits and cost of the procedure? In 2018, reality TV series Love Island sparked a huge increase in non-surgical enhancement. SISU Aesthetics Clinics has reported a 200 per cent increase in demand for non- surgical lip fillers since Megan Barton-Hanson became a popular contestant, well-known for her full lips and high cheekbones.

This trend isn’t going anywhere soon; social media creates an ideal to aspire to and it’s rubbing off on women and men of all ages.

Who Can Benefit From Non-Surgical Enhancement? A recent study shows that the most desirable lip shape is full and sumptuous, with both the upper and lower lip the same size.

Age can make the lips thinner. Lip fillers add volume and a more youthful appearance Those with a thin upper or lower lip or both Non-surgical lip enhancement can even out lip shape Smoking lines around the mouth can appear less deep These small changes to the lip shape can boost confidence in both men and women

What Are the Disadvantages of Non-Surgical Lip Fillers? They’re temporary You may experience discomfort On rare occasions, lumps of filler may form under the skin As with any procedure, there is risk of infection In very rare cases, the filler may cause an allergic reaction or blocked blood vessel Common Side Effects of Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement The recovery period after non-surgical lip fillers is little to no time at all. Many are able to carry on with their daily routine after the treatment, slipping back into their office desks after lunch.

However, there are several common side effects of non-surgical lip enhancement:

Tingling around the site of injection Redness Mild discomfort Swelling Bruising The injection can also reactivate a cold sore virus. Your clinician should discuss your medical history with you before the treatment.

Top Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Infection After Your Treatment: Don’t apply lipstick or any kind of lip care Do not apply any unnecessary pressure Avoiding caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee may reduce the risk of swelling How Long Does A Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement Last? The most common lip filler material is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid lasts for around 4-8 months depending on metabolism and lifestyle.

As hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body, it will slowly dissolve over time. As a result, you will need to make future appointments if you want to maintain your lip enhancement.

How Will I Know If My Clinic Is Operating At A High Standard? Do your research. Although non-surgical lip enhancement is quick and almost pain-free, it doesn’t mean that it can be done by anyone.

Don’t be afraid to ask your cosmetic practitioner questions such as:

Do you have a medical background? What Are Your Qualifications? What type of filler do you use? How many procedures have you carried out? Can I see the unopened packaging? Can you take before and after images of me for future reference? Here are some other key ways to stay safe: Don’t go to ‘parties’ where non-surgical lip fillers are carried out in an unregulated setting Does the clinic only advertise on social media? This can be a red flag If it doesn’t feel right, don’t risk it. Complications from infection are not worth it in the long term. Read reviews and ask your friends and family about their experience Be suspicious of any amazing deals you see online – often they are too good to be true How Much Does Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation Cost? The price of a lip filler can vary depending on location, reputation of the clinic and the type of procedure you would like.

For example:

A clinic operating in central London may charge higher prices than one further out If you would like to increase your lip size significantly, you will need more filler. The clinic will usually charge per syringe

On average, non-surgical lip enhancement UK can cost from £150 – £450 per session.

About Dermamina Our prices start from £150.

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