28 SEP 2020

What can be achieved with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

non surgical rhinoplasty

When it comes to facial attractiveness and youthfulness, it varies from individual to another. The nose, being the centre feature of the face is an important part that can impact the frontal and side profile of the face. Whether you were born with a nose shape that that does not balance well with the your face, or have noticed changes as you got older, or had an injury that impacted the appearance of the nose, are all increasing concerns for both men and women.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as non-surgical nose job or liquid nose job, is a dermal filler treatment that alters and enhances the shape of the nose for up to 9-18 months.

This treatment is ideal for many that want a quick fix in the reshaping and modifying of the nose, as it is a non-invasive, with less risk and less downtime, temporary treatment that is easily maintainable unlike surgical nose treatments (rhinoplasty).

Many of the same goals and similar results as a surgical rhinoplasty can be attained with non-surgical rhinoplasty, but with less commitment, cost and ideal for many that are not ready for a permanent solution to their appearance.

The treatment involves injecting dermal fillers strategically to the nose, filling and highlighting the bridge or the tip of the nose, allowing the nose to be straightened, defined and contoured and resulting in more harmony and balance to the shape.

With that said, many things can be achieved with non-surgical rhinoplasty, but making the nose bigger, or changing the actual size of the nose cannot be achieved with this treatment, however a contoured, defined and straightened nose will give the illusion that the nose is smaller and in harmony with the other features of the face. Additionally, it can improve asymmetry or deviation of the nose, enhancing the frontal view.

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How the shape of the nose can affect the overall profile of the face

Why is the shape of the nose important? Why do people actually get it done?

Every individual pursuing a non-surgical or surgical nose job treatment, come with similar or a different rationale. Most people that come are straightforward that their goal is to make themselves more attractive, while others may have difficulty breathing or they are unsatisfied with the non-surgical or surgical treatment and wants a solution or for many others they come back for a top up to maintain their look. However, studies have shown that there is another category for those seeking a non-surgical or surgical treatment and this is a phycological factor, and maybe can be classified as a body dysmorphia about their noses.

Physical appearance is a concern in both male and females and this is evidently increasing, with increasing studies showing how cosmetic procedures can influence how patients perceive themselves and their behaviours towards others. Satisfied patients perceived to be feeling better about themselves and more confident, while unsatisfied patients might experience increased anxiety and low self-esteem.

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Thus, cosmetic procedures generally do influence patient’s psychological wellbeing as is greatly affects their social life and self-confidence. It is also important to note that patients that seek cosmetic procedures, especially non-surgical nose treatment, have psychiatric disorders such as body dysmorphia and will have unrealistic expectations, such as wanting the treatment results to last more longer and feel paranoid when fillers start to gradually dissolve. With that said, successful aesthetic outcomes for these patients may not show any improvements in their psychological or mental health status.

This is why Dermamina London provides a thorough consultation before every treatment, where Mina takes the time to understand the expectation of the patients to then inform them what can be achieved and what to expect instantly post treatment and after fillers start dissolving. This is to make sure patients receive a tailored treatment befitting to their suitability and expectations.

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Many individuals come for the non-surgical nose treatment for mild to moderate enhancements in the shape or improvements in the appearance of their nose. One of the major issues treated with this treatment is a prominent hump along the nasal bridge.

Strategically injecting fillers in that area, can instantly plump up the area, smoothing out the humps in the nose, resulting in the illusion of a straighter nose and improving the side profile of the face. How does the shape of the nose affect the overall profile of the face?

The shape of the nose greatly affects the side profile especially if the patient has a prominent hump in the dorsal area, making the nose look hooked and not balanced with the rest of the face. A hooked nose is when the dorsal hump is followed by a droopy nose tip.

This is another great concern that many patients have and with the non-surgical nose treatment, the tip of the nose can be defined to give a lifted look, balancing well with a straightened nose.

Non-surgical nose job can provide this quick fix in the reshaping and modifying of the nose, providing an instant result. The procedure itself will not make the nose bigger or alter the actual size, however a straighter and more defined nose gives the illusion that the nose is smaller and in harmony with the other features of the face. Additionally, it can enhance the frontal view of the face by improving asymmetry or deviation of the nose.


Asymmetry in the nose can be caused by both an incident to the nose that may have broken the nose or by a deviated septum, a condition in which the nasal septum is noticeably off centre, giving a crooked, unsymmetrical look.

This also makes breathing difficult, because the breathing passage is unlevelled. The non-surgical nose treatment cannot help in fixing breathing problems due to the deviated septum or any major incidents, but in a lot cases can level the shape of the nose, adding more symmetry to the nose. Symmetry cannot be achieved fully, but the nose will be enhanced and structured well. A nose can have grooves and indentations that can also cause an unsymmetrical nose shape, which can be smoothed out with the treatment.

The frontal view of the nose can be enhanced by nose contouring with the non-surgical nose treatment, which is highly requested by patients with wide and flat shaped noses. Indeed, contouring of the nose is widely known as a makeup trick that highlights the bridge of the nose, enhancing the natural structure of the nose with the use of makeup blenders and brushes. Although makeup is so versatile and can alter the dimensions of the face, it is time consuming, costly and needs to be applied daily to maintain the look.

This is where non-surgical rhinoplasty can help, a less invasive and long-lasting treatment that will give the same effect of contouring the nose with makeup, and will make the nose look more natural and in harmony with the rest of the features on the face. The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers strategically to the bridge and tip of the nose to improve the contours and reshape it.

Profile balancing is achieved by harmonising the nose, lips and the chin collectively, as the ratios between these three features have a great impact on the side profile and overall structure of the face. The nose being the centre feature of the face plays an important part in profile balancing and although it does not express any emotions, but has a huge influence on the facial proportion.

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Types of noses not suitable for non-surgical nose treatment

In some cases, this treatment can achieve many of which can be attained with a surgical treatment, however in other cases the non-surgical nose job will not be suitable and cannot help in getting the results you want and a surgical treatment might be best. Also, if you’re looking for a dramatic, permanent change to your appearance, the non-surgical nose treatment will not be fitting for you

The non-surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers that is strategically injected into the nose and adds to the shape of the nose. A bulbous tip is where the tip of the nose rounded and appear too bug or without a structure. Dermal fillers cannot reduce the size of the bulbous area; surgery is likely the best choice.

If you have wide nostrils, non-surgical nose treatment will not help in minimizing this as fillers only add to the nose, especially around the bridge and tip of the nose. With the tip of the nose, if it appears to sag and droop, the non surgical nose treatment can help in giving a lifted look, but fillers cannot help if the nose is heavily plunging or drooping as the skin may be too thick to inject and hold the shape to make a difference.

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Benefits of the treatment

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is ideal for anyone that wants to experiment with how altering your nose might look like, or for those that are looking to tweak the nose in small ways to change your appearance. Nonetheless, a lot of the same goals and similar results of a surgical rhinoplasty can be achieved with non-surgical rhinoplasty, but with fewer risks, less downtime and recovery time, fewer side effects, less commitment to permanent changes and costs.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is, although, temporary and not permanent benefits those that do not want to commit and make dramatic and permanent changes, but easily maintainable results. Dermal fillers can address and correct your appearance with instant results and many benefits:

• Nonsurgical rhinoplasty does not involve going under general anaesthesia, a numbing cream is applied that will numb the nose and only when it is numbed the treatment will be done

• You’ll have a quick recovery. You do not have to take time off work to deal with prolonged healing and swelling of the nose; you are free to immediately resume your regular routine.

• Appointments can last as little as 30 minutes, including consultation time, with the treatment taking no longer than 15 minutes, allowing you to get back to living your life with minimal disruption. Moreover, the patient can be as engaged as they like, as there is no general anaesthesia; you are able to see the results unfold as the injections are administered.

• The benefits of a nonsurgical nose treatment are not permanent, making the treatment ideal for someone wanting to try out changes without committing to surgery or completely altering the nose with surgery, rather it allows the restoring and enhancing of the natural beauty and stimulates your own collagen in your body.

• The treatment is completely reversible with the use of hyaluronidase. For those patients that like the result of the non-surgical rhinoplasty, the treatment can be topped up safely over the years to maintain the result.

• It cost of much less for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty than a surgical one. Dermamina also offers filler packages, which lets you pay for filler quantity and not for the treatments separately. This is great for many that want to achieve profile balance and can be done on the same day, unlike surgical treatments. The same filler used in the nose can also be used in the cheeks, as well as the chin, to create that profile balancing. Patients can save money through this as they can choose how much filler is desired on each area of the face. Indeed suitability of the filler and area will be checked to see if such amount can be inserted safely to the face

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Where to get non-surgical nose treatment in London

Dermamina offers bespoke nose filler treatments in the vibrant city, London. Specialising in non-surgical cosmetic procedures and skincare treatments for both men and women. Contact Dermamina for a consultation to find out if the treatment is right for you today!